A Year in Review

Travel with me Thursday this week is celebrating the end of the year with alll my travels in review, as pulled from my instagram @lifeunsensored and facebook https:/www.facebook.com/jacquelynnbuck. Almost exclusively these photos were taken with my iPhone 6S with some exception where I was using a Fuji XT1.

Oh the Places I’ve Been

Here is where I was lucky enough to travel to in 2018 (the city name is an active link if I blogged about it, so click the link for more!):

Tucson (of course) but always worth photographing and posting about, especially with our epic sunsets and mountains! You’ll see desert images sprinkled in among the more exotic locations featured below. And Phoenix sooo many times : )

And also….
Beaufort SC (for some low country respite along the inter-coastal waterways),
Beaune FR (for the Burgundy),
Bethlehem PA (home again, home again),
Boston (for some history, seafood, and Boston cream pie),
Charlotte NC (to photograph a wedding),
Columbia SC (to eat turkey with family),
Dijon FR (to go into every church),
Etoges FR (for wine  tasting and chateau life), (and Champagne!),
Geneva NY (for some upstate wine tasting),
Gent Belgium (for allll the old buildings and the best European breakfasts),
Heidelburg Germany (for the climb to the castle and lingering in the square drinking Riesling at sunset),
Los Angeles (for the art museum, Rodeo Drive,baby, and drinks at well known hotels (cough. Beverly Hills Hotel. cough),
Las Vegas (for the lights and the strip, and WPPI – a photography conference),
Maui (for helicopter rides over waterfalls, rainbows, and my 40th),
Nantucket Island (for island life, lobster, and  ferry rides),
New York City (for only 6 hours in the Lower  East side and a very informative visit to the Tenement Museum),
Paris (for, well, Paris. And Croissants. And the Eiffel Tower. And Versailles. And Notre Dame on Easter Sunday),
Plymouth MA (to see the rock and  the fall foliage),
Raleigh NC (to visit a friend and have NC BBQ),
San Diego (to celebrate the BFs birthday with beer and bar hopping in the city),
San Francisco, (for an engagement session and really good coffee),
San Juan Capistrano CA (for a tour of the Mission and breakfast on the railroad tracks),
Sedona (twice, once in the summer and once in the winter, for the hiking and the breathtaking views),
Strasbourg FR (for the cathedral and the clock inside),
Temecula CA (for the wine),
Trier Germany (for the Roman Ruins and the Brats), and
Winston Salem NC (for Old Salem and a taste of NC in the fall).

Drinks were had. Coffee was consumed. Delicious food was eaten. Sites were seen. Rootop bars were found and enjoyed. Wine was tasted. And all was good and well in the world.

What Lies Ahead

2019 already holds so many planned adventures to include England, Scotland, Ireland, back to PA for my annual visit, Rocky Point Mexico, Las Vegas where I am honored to be teaching about Boudoir photography for my 9th year at WPPI (click here if you want to know more!), Southern CA (of course). Disney World / Orlando and a Caribbean Cruise is in the works and who knows what unplanned adventures await. I’m excited for the plans and the spontaneity, and also can’t wait to try out my Fuji XT3 as I go and continue to share my travels with you. Thanks for following along this year!!

Thanks for following along this year!! The joy is in the journey.


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