Athena {Colorful Senior Pictures}

These colorful senior pictures were taken in an among the doors and walls of the downtown barrios and parking garages with skyline city views. Having this kind of variety in locations makes for really colorful senior pictures, but also how fun is it to have really unique and diverse backdrops? But the funny thing is, background can be kind of irrelevant in the long run. No two images ever look alike, even if taken in the same places, because each senior brings their own personality, their own clothing choices, and their own energy to a situation. I always ask if there are locations that you love, but in the end the location doesn’t matter as much because this session is actually about you. And you can be you anywhere. Now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find somewhere great to do the photos! But I literally tested a theory once and photographed someone with a trash dumpster as the background (it was a colorful trash dumpster and I didn’t ask her to get too close to it, so it wasn’t gross, I promise!). It was a cool and colorful backdrop and she loved the photo. So that is living proof that fabulous senior pictures can be done against any backdrop, in any location, as long as they really capture your personality. And a good photographer can see potential everywhere, honing in on the best a location has to offer no matter where it is. Of course, I have suggestions and experience that helps me help you pick the best location with the best light, but ultimately the sky is the limit.

So when you’re planning you photo session, whether you want colorful senior pictures, or don’t care about location at all, the important thing is that you are you, and however you communicate that (clothing choices, choice of location, bringing props, building in personal things that mean something to you) will be perfect.


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