celebrating mothers {sneak peek}

Almost 13 years ago the last photo I have of me with my mother was taken, at my wedding. A year later, she passed away. I hear from many women that they want family photographs, that it’s been years since their last professional session, and yet they hesitate to make it happen, citing their busy schedules, possibly the expense, wanting to wait until they look better, to lose that 10 pounds that have been lingering. I get that. All of it. I am equally pulled in seventeen directions on a daily basis and often wonder how I can possibly make time for one more thing…but when something is really important to me, when the scales are weighted with people and loved one and relationships on one side and the demands of the day to day routine on the other, I think of my mother. And I let the scale tip towards the things that matter, because they might not be there tomorrow. I know the reality of that.

Every year mother’s day rolls around, and I hear commercials selling you how to celebrate mom with jewelry, flowers, gifts, vacations..all meant to show her how much you love her. Though it’s been many years, I still get a small pang when I think about not having a mother to spend that day with, to call and thank for the good things that I am now able to discern, and emulate proudly, that she brought to what was largely a crazy childhood. And so, because I don’t have that privilege, I think instead of how I can impart the wisdom of loss and love onto those who are still here, who still have someone to call. And it’s not a sales pitch when I say that I believe photography is the most valuable thank you to mom of them all.

Children, someday you will look back at the photos of you with your mother and be grateful that you have them. Mothers, some day you will look back at the photos you made the time to take, the ones with you IN them instead of you behind the camera trying to get everyone to smile. Fathers, someday you will look back on photographs of your wife and the children you made together and be thankful that you have this written record of your lives and loves.

So if you’re looking for the perfect mother’s day gift, consider a photography session – whether it’s the whole family or just mom with the kids, take the time to make the memories, to cherish the moments, because you will be grateful.  I promise.

Here’s a beautiful sneak peek from a mother-daughters session that was a bit chaotic, both in time of day and time of life, for this family, but they still took the time. And you can bet this moment will be cherished by all of them for a very long time.


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