Rachel + Jon {hooray}

I have known Rachel for the entirety of the 4 years I have lived in Tucson, and in every conversation, on multiple occasions as we became friends, she said something along the lines of “Jon and I have been together for many years but we don’t really buy into the whole marriage thing. We’re happy.” And always followed by “but we should get pictures of the two of us, but we always looks awful in photos”. I’m paraphrasing. But this, or some version of this, is how it went on a regular basis. No judgement from me on the marriage thing – marriage shows up for couples in many ways without being “married”…commitment, continuity, camaraderie, love…so I had settled into the idea, as had they, until one day…… I got en email from Rachel saying “Jon and I need photos. We got married last week in Vegas. Unexpectedly”. You can imagine my shock and awe. “Married? What?? You? Are you serious??? OMG!?!” (I might have uttered a few excited curse words in response as well, but I’ll exclude those from this post). And sure enough, in the only way this could have happened, in the perfect scenario that made this relationship legal, Rachel and Jon tied the knot. In Vegas. On a whim. And I got to take the after pictures. And guess what – just like “never going to get married” turned out to be false, that fear that they had about “always looking terrible” in photos? Yeah, well, that turned out to be false as well. So I give you Rachel and Jon – the love story I never thought I’d get to tell. : )

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