Rachel + Jon {Rave Review}

From Jon:

“J Buck,

I had to really think about what to say. Trying to put in words how these amazing pictures you took changed my life has shown to be very difficult. Yes I, Jonathan Spurr, was at a loss for words.

I already knew I was a lucky man, but seeing us in these pictures. Seeing how we look at each other and how much we love and need each other, it has changed my life. I had no idea how Rachel looked at me, how she smiles, laughed, and just is goofy when she is with me. Now I do!

I have my favorite pictures of us on my phone home page. I look at them all the time, multiple times an hour. It always makes my day better and makes me smile. Looking at these pictures makes me emotional, talking about them, even typing this to you, makes me misty eyed.

I often think there is no way I could possibly love Rachel more than I do. Then something simple, like amazing pictures taken by you, completely changes my world. I see my world from the outside. I got to see my world as you see it. And it is now a whole new level of love and longingness for Rachel.

Neither Rachel or I believed that anyone on this planet could get done in pictures what you did. These are the best pictures of me that have ever been taken. You are the first person in 42 years that was able to capture me.

Thank you for giving me a peek at what everyone else sees when they look at us. You truly helped me love my beautiful bride even more than I already do.”

Love Note from Jacquelynn

I have known Rachel and Jon since 2013, and, more often than not, Rachel would regale me with stories of terrible photographic experiences they had had, mostly during family reunions and events where they were forced to participate in a session and ended up looking either not like themselves, or utterly (they felt) terrible. They really were convinced they were not photogenic, and that no one could really capture them as they were to each other – loving, quirky, silly, sarcastic, and fun. I hoped that I could. And am thrilled that I did. It likely helped that I knew them, but it also helped that I understood what they didn’t want, and not just what they did. We laughed, we were active, it was fun, we interacted, they interacted, and I directed a little, but also let them do what they do. And it turns out, (shockingnotshocking) that they are photogenic after all. Imagine that. ; )

To see more from their session, view the full post here: http://www.jacquelynnbuck.com/rachel-jon-hooray/

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