Saguaro East Family Photos

This gorgeous family picked Saguaro National Park East as their perfect backdrop for their family photos. The whole family was in town and they decided it was too good of an opportunity to miss!

The sunset time frame at this park makes for the best light, and the cactus stand watch over the entire proceedings.

The mountains create a gorgeous color tone to compliment and their majesty is both close up and far away.

If you want the desert AND the mountains AND the sunset AND the cactus, this is the spot for you!

This family also did a great job coordinating the colors of their clothing, and the blues really pop against the desert sage and beige – so pretty for their family photos!

At the end of the family session we had the chance to also focus on Michelle for her personal branding session. You can see those photos here!

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  • K SteenLove this! What spot did you take these in? 

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