Announcing – Baby Cormick

One man and one woman who’ve been waiting for their child
One child who was waiting for the perfect parents
one family that was meant to be

Julie and Greg allowed me to to help them celebrate the adoption of their son, Cormick, with an absolutely creative photo shoot.  I stayed in their home, turning it into a working studio for two days, and basically photographed to my heart’s content. And then they let me have total freedom in designing the coolest baby announcement ever.

I’m so honored to have been part of this process with Julie and Greg – helping them build their adoption portfolio and life book by photographing them as a couple, following Julie on her journey to the west coast when she went to pick up her son, following her facebook posts when her husband came back from his 6 month deployment a few weeks later and held his son for the first time. And then, finally, being able to photograph them as a family.

Julie is one of those people who knows everybody! And some of the responses she’s been getting about the baby announcement are worth sharing, as is the baby announcement itself. Of course we geared it to be more of an adoption announcement than a birth announcement, but the effect is the same – celebrating joy and parenthood and little 7 week old Cormick.  As Julie says, “what’s meant to be will always find its way”. And it did.

Enjoy the announcement, a trifold printed on linen paper.

And definitely check out the comments below it! For more images from the session, go to


“I absolutely love your birth announcement of Cormick! i am so happy for you all!! He is absolutely beautiful! I love your photographer!! she takes awesome pictures.”

“OK..thanks…I haven’t cried in a week…that did it. How absolutely beautiful…I can not wait to share it with my folks at work.”

“Thanks for the annoucement of Cormick, It is SO AWSOME!! I love it, he is such a cutie!!!”

“Completely blown away by the announcement! Wow! Touched my heart. Your baby is precious. Loved the dog tag, the boots, your and Greg’s hands holding the sling…I even added my own words to the end…what’s meant to be will always find it’s way.. “HOME!”

“The announcements were amazing! They brought tears to my eyes!”

“You win…for BEST Baby Announcement Ever! It was the greatest one I’ve ever seen and I’ve done two myself! He’s perfect in every way and your photographer…GENIUS! I only wish I could come to OH to have her take pics of my girls…Seriously…she’s fantastic!”

“I second Shelley’s nomination for most beautiful announcement EVER! So artistic & lovely…I will enjoy looking at it for months.”

“Just found your announcement in the mail. BEAUTIFUL! I love every shot.”

“Absolutely love the announcement!!!”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE that announcement. [My wife] said it’s the coolest one she’s ever seen!”

“finally checked mail this week! love it!!!! she did such a great job!!!! Send her my way. I would love for her to take the first professional pics [of my son]!”

“Can I get like 5 copies so I can frame all the images? Just love it!!!!!”

“love your announcement! It’s so special…It’s the nicest and most beautiful mail I have had the privilege of receiving!”

Also – here are some cool family shots not in the original post!



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  • TheresaI don’t even know this family, and I am tearing up. What a gorgeous, gorgeous set of photos, and a beautiful, imaginative, heartfelt announcement card. Amazing.

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