What to Wear!

What to Wear for Photos

The number one question I get asked a Tucson photographer, Phoenix photographer and Orange County photographer is what do I wear for my photo sessions! I always tell clients several things:

  1. be yourself – if you don’t usually match, don’t wear matching clothes. If you don’t usually wear red, don’t wear red! Start with colors you already know you love and look great in and build from there.
  2. use the internet – there are tons of search results on what to wear for my photo session that you can find. I always send clients to pinterest as there are some really great coordinated clothing ideas that include everything down to the shoes and jewelry you could wear.
  3. if you’re a guy, I always suggest long pants instead of shorts. I find it works better for photos. And also to wear darker socks rather than white. I suggest avoiding sneakers unless they are stylish and compliment the outfit.
  4. if you plan to wear jeans as a family, try to make sure the color of the jeans is similar, rather than mixing dark with light.
  5. for everyone, I suggest avoiding clothing that is too tight or too loose. If you’re self conscious about your arms, I suggest skipping sleeveless tops, or wearing one with a jacket or cardigan to add a layer.
  6. adding accessories to your clothing choices can help bring a pop of color to your scheme. So if you’re wearing mostly muted colors, I suggest adding a brightly colored necklace, earrings, scarf or bracelet to brighten things up.

These are just a few of the tips I offer to all my portrait clients. I have tons more that we discuss during our pre-session consultation. But hopefully these basic ideas, along with the color palettes below that have shown what some of my other clients have done, will inspire you!



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