Baby Levi

Sometimes sessions don’t go as planned. This is not news to any photographer out there – especially ones who routinely photograph babies. When we want them to sleep, they’re awake. When we want them to smile, they cry. When we try to get them to fit into that really cool sling that babies really don’t like, they tumble out into waiting hands. I have yet to do a baby session that didn’t have the mom saying “he was so good this morning – I don’t know why he’s screaming now” or “yesterday was a great day. today, not so much.” Babies (and moms) don’t tolerate long sessions, so being quick is key. And being flexible is a must. And being ready is absolutely essential. If it’s a really bad day, you just have to reschedule. Though, at the risk of sounding mean, I have to tell you that even on the worst day there are some photos to be had. A smile still appears. Tears dry up. Diapers are constantly changed. And in the end, if you’re ready with the camera, you can still capture the magic.

Five week old Levi was no exception to my previous experience. He cried. He didn’t sleep. He was over stimulated by all the lights and sounds. He pooped on mom. He peed on me. But that’s baby. And somehow we still managed to capture the moments where he smiled and mom smiled – at the same time! And it was worth it – because look at this precious child! What an absolute doll.



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