Travel with me Thursday today is real, now, raw (mostly) with my Fuji mirrorless and iPhone leading the photographic charge.

Sometimes you have to be a tourist. It’s been yearrrsss since I’ve been in Boston so the Freedom Trail was the goal. I bought a 2-day “Go Boston Card” which saved me money on all the attractions, and dug in, boyfriend in tow, to walk in the footsteps of the Revolution.

What do you recall from your history textbooks in school about Paul Revere (one if by land, two if by sea), or Lexington and Concord (the shot heard round the world)? What do you remember learning about the freedom of a country united under a crown that broke away to be united in a new world?

“I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest” Henry David Thoreau

I grew up on the edge of Philadelphia. I oft visited the place where the Declaration of Independence was written and read, where the Liberty Bell is suspended in time, where many people think of as the seat of liberty. Maybe. But to be in Boston – to walk in the footsteps of Revere, in the birthplace of Franklin, in the city of Hancock, in the place of the true rebels – the problem child who questioned first and thus was punished but ultimately rewarded – is something special. But also to see and hear how the past gets distorted by the tellers reminds me that no one is perfect.

Walk with me in the footsteps of history. And let freedom ring. No matter the cost. Oh, and don’t forget to eat Lobstah and Chowdah on the way.

Highlights? The North End, Paul Reveres’s House, Old North Church, The Public Market, Faneuil Hall, Old State House, Old South Meeting House, Italian sub on fresh baked bread at Bricco, the Public Library, Trinity Church, Skywalk Observatory, Green Dragon Tavern, coffee at Ogawa across from Ben Franklin’s birthplace. Phew! That’s a lot for one Thursday!

Boston is best in the fall, but amazing all year round. If you miss the changing of the leaves, you can still catch them here!

North End is where it’s at for Italian (cannoli and cappuccino) and history (old North Church and Paul Revere’s House) black and white photo inside a boston churchlittle italy sandwich shop boston


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