Catalina Mountain Family Photo Session

It’s never too soon to start thinking about a family photo session in the fall! I love working with families who come back “home” to visit for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year and decide that the best gift they can give or receive is a large family photo session. If it’s been awhile (or never!) since you’ve all gotten together for a family photo session, give me a call at 610-662-1823 and we can discuss what that might look like! I’ll talk you through location, time of day for the best light, clothing suggestions and options, and allll the good stuff to make your photo session, even with little ones, seamless, painless, and absolutely gorgeous! And I’m seriously good at working with kiddos and grumpy family members : )

I have soooo many suggestions for location also. I have spent the last 12 years figuring out how to find, and use, the locations that people want in their photos. If you’re into the mountains, I can do that! If you’re into the desert, I can do that! If you’re into water, or the beach, I can do that! I have a treasure trove of secret spots as well as a willingness and availability to travel to your favorite destination if we don’t live in the same place. And best of all, even if there are other people around, I can make every effort to minimize them showing up in your photos (the magic of a professional photographer!).

Book your fall family photo session today! It’s the best gift you’ll ever give, or receive!


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