Fairytales {A Wedding in the Netherlands in a Castle}

In the garden of a castle I met my lover, my husband. In the quiet in-between we talked of nothing and everything and we smiled and whispered and embraced. He kissed me softly. On the shoulder. On the cheek. On my lips. The gray skies didn’t daunt the depth of our emotion on this, our wedding day. A fairytale. A dream. A candle-lit ceremony. A moment, or several, when the world stopped moving, stopped breathing, and all we saw was each other. My dress rustled softly, swishing around my ankles, as we, with only the birds and the flowers for company, walked side by side towards tomorrow. Towards our future. Towards forever.

These are my words, not hers. But if I were to spin a story about these images, this is the tale I would tell. And this is how I would tell it.And my guess is that it’s not far from the truth. I was there.

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  • ginaYour word and your photos…beautiful! It looks like a fairytale indeed!

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