Fantabulous (and Fashion Forward) Friday {4}


There’s something about a new pair of shoes. But there’s something even cooler about a new pair of shoes that are bold and different than anything else in the closet. I’ve never quite been as trendy as I want to be, or as I think I am, but with a reduced price facilitating the purchase of fabulous footwear in a bright slash of color, I’m taking a step in the right direction. : )

I feel pretty cool wearing them, and have had a grand time finding things to pair them with, which has, in turn, led to me choosing more color and pulling off more of a rainbow effect in what I wear (in case you’re wondering, I think these look marvelous with navy top and white shorts (and not over-nautical) as well as with this amazing coral dress I also purchased recently. Talk about color!) But even if they don’t look good to anyone else, I feel pretty fashion-forward wearing them, and so I carry myself a bit differently when I do.

So, this weekend, whether you purchase something outside your norm, or pull out that item you bought that looked awesome on the rack and was a super-steal but you’ve never actually had the gumption to wear (come on – we are all guilty of that!), I encourage you to wear it. Or, if fashion isn’t your thing, pull that thing off the leap list that you’ve been nervous to try, and just do it. Do something this weekend that helps you hold your head a little higher, walk with a springier step, and feel good about the person you are.

And even if everyone is staring at your yellow shoes, it’s just because they’re jealous.



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