First Day of Kindergarten {lifestyle}

Every now and then I get inquiries for photography that is more photo-documentary / photojournalistic than a typical family session, and I loooove it.

When M called me to see if I could document her son’s 1st day of Kindergarten (which, if you life anywhere near the desert Southwest, you know arrives too soon (or not soon enough?) in early August) I was VERY excited. I love digital storytelling and what better subject than such a monumental day! In fact, one of the few photos I love of me as a child shows me on MY first day of Kindergarten, wearing red pants and a striped shirt, long pigtails in my hair, with my backpack and lunch pail, sitting on my front porch steps with my neighbor on one side and brother on the other. My mother captured the essence perfectly in that one still shot. And since that’s such a cool memory for me, photographically, I was thrilled to be able to create a similar one for G.

Who is G?

  • Is totally into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Loves superheroes, especially Superman
  • Says his favorite super power is Superman’s laser eyes
  • Is an expert at rock-throwing and catching, and has a collection of rocks in his front yard
  • Loves to play baseball and can’t wait to be on the team
  • Was super stoked about his spiked backpack, dinosaur notebooks, and pencil case (and the crayons and scissors within)

Yeah, he is a super cool kid!


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