Greg & Mel {Hard Rock Session}

This is the first collaborative effort between Jason Barrett Photography and Photography by Jacquelynn Buck! Greg and Mel are friends of Jason’s and they agreed to pose for us so we could make this happen. What I love about collaborations is that they are unique opportunities for me to both teach and learn from whomever I am working with. In this case I believe both happened. Someday I hope to teach photography in addition to doing portraits and weddings and this was a great chance for me to test the waters on how I teach both by example and with words.

And thanks to 1) Mel and Greg who put a lot of effort into getting ready for the session and looked fabulous! You guys rock! and 2) Jason, for making this happen and 3) on behalf of Jason, thanks to my brother and graphic designer James Nicnick for designing that really cool logo for Jason 🙂 Which one is that? Why, it’s that Celtic JB one that’s different from mine – the one that makes mine look sad. Yeah. That’s the one!


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