Horse + Girl = Love {Tucson Photographer} Bandalero Ranch

I’ve done several sessions involving horses, mostly the mild, trail riding, quiet sort. Working with horses is, well, like working with children! Each one has a different temperament and so you can’t expect one to behave like another. Habanera is a most spirited horse. Trained for a purpose (and not trail riding in case you’re wondering) and a little high strung, asking her to do something outside her norm, perhaps outside her comfort zone, made for a really interesting session! Luckily, Keegan is a master at working with Habanera. I never doubted for a second that her relationship with this horse, who she clearly loves (because let’s face it, only love would allow you to be sneezed on by a horse, in the face, repeatedly, and just keep smiling) would make for a fabulous session, despite any temperamental hiccups (from the horse, not the girl!). And it surely did. Habanera had lots of treats that day, and we all found ourselves uncontrollably laughing a few times as Keegan attempted what can only be called acrobatics on a stubborn horse, but despite the follies and fun, and despite the nature of a horse to be a horse, Habanera did beautifully, and Keegan’s grace, ability and true camaraderie with this animal, her partner, came through.


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