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It’s not often that I get lured in by a watch. I used to wear one – all through high school and college. But at some point, between grad school and the introduction of the iPhone, I stopped. No longer interested in glancing at my wrist to check the time, I instead had my phone always at the ready to answer the invariable queries about the passage of the minutes. But times are changing (pun intended).

Through 2011 I had been carefully building my wedding portfolio – studying the masters, second shooting with some amazing photographers, really getting to know the style of the wedding photographer I want to be. And finally I was ready to begin incorporating a select number of weddings per year into my business. In 2012 I met my goal of delivering high quality weddings to only 12 beautiful brides and grooms, and it has been fabulous – the perfect blend with my ever-growing portrait work, and exactly the way I want to continue. But in the process of building this wedding branch of Photography by Jacquelynn Buck I realized that time has become much more relevant.

Weddings, as any of you know who have had one, are time dependent – the hours and minutes fly by and everything starts and stops relative to the most important moments. If you’re a female wedding photographer you know that most pants designed for women do not have pockets that accommodate iPhones, let alone a myriad of camera gear. And so it became obvious to me that, rather than asking random passer-bys for the time, it was time for me to buy a watch. But not just any watch. I wanted a watch with style. A unique, jewelry-like way to keep me informed and maybe a little fashion-froward. Enter Tokyo Bay. I first glimpsed their wares in a boutique store in St. Augustine, FL and promptly did an internet search for them. And I LOVED what I found. After much debate, I finally decided on (three) watches that would blend into my wardrobe and also allow me to be on time, always (well, maybe not always…). It felt foreign on my wrist – it’s been so long since something rested there – but it felt right.

So from now on (and especially at weddings) I’m keeping watch, in style.


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