When I lived in Dayton, I was very fortunate to connect with a group called RESOLVE. This was a support group containing families struggling with infertility who either sought fertility treatment or adoption. A good friend of mine was part of the group (and connected me to them).  From that point of introduction, I had the pleasure of photographing 5 members and their spouses. Some of the couples sought me out to simply take photographs of them for family. Those seeking adoption sought me out to photograph them for their family albums – or life books – that basically (in one book) described who they were and why they would make amazing parents. Talk about a heavy task! And some of those couples have been blessed with children, both adoptive and natural, that I’ve photographed, or will photograph, with their babies.  I am very grateful for this group of people, and wish them each an amazing journey. In the mean time, here’s one such couple (the rest appear on my blog as well, but I won’t tell you who is who, to protect their privacy). This couple just welcomed their child into their lives and are so very happy. And I am so happy for them. I hope to photograph their son when I am in Dayton in Jan or Feb. For more about RESOLVE go to http://www.resolve.org



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