Meet the McKinleys! defines Lifestyle (as a noun) as “A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group”. Very recently, the word “lifestyle” has also begun to be used as an adjective to describe a type or style of photography that is, essentially, capturing moments in time during the course of a day, weekend, or single activity that are more candid than posed and are best viewed together to communicate a story. Or, in my mind, the story. An important distinction.

There are many styles of Lifestyle photography (go figure),  and each photographer interprets it in their own way. For me, as you’ll see, I consider Lifestyle photography to be mostly capturing the story of you. Your child. Your family. The moments and the in between. The day to day activities. Not always smiles. Not always looking at the camera. Just being. But I always throw in elements of glamour, posing and fun, because, well, when the kids are this cute, I just can’t help it!

Enter the McKinleys. Erin and her family live in Greenville SC and Erin is an old friend from grade school and high school who has been following my work on facebook for awhile now (Hooray for facebook!). When she asked me to come out and photograph her family before her husband left for nine weeks of basic training with the Air National Guard, I jumped at the chance. Of course I was motivated by wanting to reconnect with Erin after 14 years (yes, it’s really been that long. Are we old or what?)  but also motivating me was the fact that, oh by the way, her kids are ADORABLE.

But what’s really amazing for me about lifestyle photography, especially the weekend long kind, is that I really get to know the family, the children, to know the moments that are important, to earn the trust of the children, to spend a few minutes with each of them alone, getting them to be who they are, to let down their guard, but with just enough pull because I am still a cool adult and not quite a parental figure. It really makes for some amazing, and honest, results.

So, here’s a glimpse (just my favorites) of what happens when a family spends a fun filled weekend, day and night, with me (and my camera) around for every moment and everything in between!




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