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One of the most fabulous things about being a photographer in an Air Force world is the unique opportunities that come up to work in and around the things that not everyone has a chance to – case in point the A-10, better known as the “Warthog”. Because my husband is in the Fighter Maintenance career field, I’ve been around fighter jets for the last 11 years. I know the basic terminology. I’ve seen the hard work that it takes to fly them and keep them fit to fly. I’ve glanced up in the sky countless times to see if I can identify which jet is rumblingcoursingstreaking through the sky overhead of every Air Force base where we’ve been assigned. But of all the aircraft I’ve had the opportunity to be in and around, it’s the A-10 that seems, to me, to have the most personality. It could be that Moody AFB is the only active duty Wing in the Air Force (the 23rd “Flying Tigers” – tracing back to the WWII) that still bears the painted shark’s teeth on the aircraft.  It could be that the people who fly and work on/with the A-10 seem to really love this aircraft because it can be damaged in ways you don’t talk about at parties and still fly home safely. Or it could be the stories I hear from all branches of service indicating that the A-10s are the jets that bring a collective sigh of relief and three cheers among those on the ground when they appear out of the ether, flying steadily into the fray. Or, you know, it could be that I got to get really (really) up close and personal with the jet. I suspect it’s a combination of all of the above. And while I’m not one to play favorites most of the time, I really dig the fact that this jet has teeth. And knows how to use them.

So, thanks to the Hinman family and all those who made this photo shoot possible – from the ones who towed it into the position I requested, to the ones who signed the paperwork to allow me to cross that red line and not get arrested, and to my husband who assisted me in the swampy Georgia heat to capture this jet, this family and these moments.

Here are just a few of my favorites. I am so loving that I had an incredible sky and a full moon at the end. What an opportunity!



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  • AnonymousThese photos are absolutely incredible!!!!

  • SusannaThose are awesome! What great shots you got!

  • TheresaWow, Jackie, these are amazing! My favorite is the one with the family in the foreground, sitting on the tarmac, on front of the A-10. A beautiful family in front of an incredibly lethal plane. It’s a truly arresting image.

    I love the one of the couple, too–the look in her eyes gives a glimpse into what it must be like to be a military family… such dedication and courage. Amazing.

  • Eddie SenkbeilI was active duty Air Force for 5 years. That last photo is outstanding.

  • LeahThese are amazing shots- the family is beautiful and I could just feel the power behind their service. You captured it beautifully- these might be some of my favorites of your pics.

  • Stephanie ShemchukJacquelynn, these pics are amazing, not that I’m surprised! I love that you got a pic of the “Remove Before Flight” tag and a close-up of the gun! Perfection! 🙂

  • Kim FranksLove the pictures and the family in them. You do amazing work! I can’t wait to have our pictures done.

  • RichI love it. I was facinated by the A-10 as a kid. A jet with a gun recoil that can generate more force than the jet engines and slow the plane down (if you had unlimited ammo), that’s awesome. I like the 2×2 collage, especially the fisheye and the one with the artificial light on the nose. But oh, this is a portrait blog..ha ha, amazing setting for the family and really personal shots. Beautiful.

  • ErinBeautiful photos, beautiful family ! Your work is so amazing! Now I want to go back and do more on the flightline!

  • marcia weidnerLove your talent! Great work.

  • HeatherAwesome! Just awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • JessicaI just wanted to wanted to add that being in the military is such a huge part of a families life and i find these pictures capture so much more than a regular family photo! I can’t wait to have you take my family photos!

  • JessicaLove the pictures! Your work is amazing!

  • Kristi EckfeldJacquelynn,

    This is one of my FAVORITE families in the WORLD and my favorite jet EVER! You have truly captured the love of this family and the love of their country in these pictures. They are AMAING (the family AND the pictures) and I am proud to say I know them and you as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • ginaOh!!! Hahahaha…shows you that I pretty much skipped the reading and went straight to the photos:-). You can give mine to thoughtful comment number 11. I wish I could use it! But I don’t think $25.00 will get you out to Boise or me to you.

  • JJOh, Jacq! These are both beautiful AND badass! I especially love the personalization with the patches and the dogtags. Remind me to talk to you about homecoming pictures… 😉

  • AshleyLook at those teeth! Everytime i see your work with the A-10 family it makes me feel so proud, you represent our guys and their families so well! Thank you Jacquelynn!

  • LaceyI love the A-10, although the B-1 still holds my heart (sshhh…don’t tell dh since he doesn’t work on those any more, he’s a UAV guy now). I loved to hear them rumble overhead at Eglin and watch them take off/land while on the runway track. Wonderful captures and such a memorable experience for you and them!

  • StephanieAmazing pictures! Love them!!! Wish I had thought to have you do airplane pictures when you were up here…

  • ginathose are awesome! what fun!!!!

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