Putting Your Best Self Forward {Tucson Creative Professional Head Shots}

One of the greatest things I’ve learned in business is that, no matter what your industry, you are selling yourself before you’re selling anything else. People will remember you, be loyal customers, refer you because of you – because of the experience only you can provide. They will remember refer respond to the you that is fun or silly or interesting or quirky or, well, you. I’ve heard a quote, oft repeated, that goes something like this “be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. Truer words have never been spoken. And I encourage you, if you’re a business owner, to take that to heart.

One of my favorite ways to help show the world who YOU are is through photography, of course. Nothing speaks louder than a photographic image, in terms of leaving a first impression online. Yes, meeting face to face is always best; but honestly, how many people encounter your business for the first time via the web? or Facebook? or LinkedIn? In the end, the images you use to represent your business are not only going to draw people in, but keep them there and keep them coming back for more.

Enter creative business head shots. Creative professionals are everywhere. If you’re an entrepreneur, I’d argue that you have to have some measure of creativity in order to set yourself apart from others in your geographic area (which, let’s face it, encompasses the whole world thanks to the interconnectedness we now share). But how do you communicate that creativity to others? Well, I think it all starts with a creative image. And Jennifer Moff, who is one of my favorite people, is a great example of that. Take a look at these images. What do you get from them? Is she fun? Is she fabulous? Is she cute as a button? Yes, yes and yes. And let me tell you – the truth holds up. She really is all of that and more. So, look at your most recent photos – what do they say about you? About your business? If you don’t like what you’re hearing, consider calling me so we can rewrite your story and tell the world what you really want to say!

Find out more about Jennifer at http://www.thejenmoff.com


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