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Real Women / Boudoir Photography is a long-standing joy of mine. I believe it empowers women but also, a happy byproduct, creates a gift they can give to a significant other. To book a boudoir session, please head over to the website:  Real Women:

I moved the images to allow Real Women to have its own place to shine!




Every woman has a story. And it’s not my job (at least not right here and not right now) to tell you that story. But I can show you a part of the journey. Real Women isn’t just about sexy. It’s about self image. It’s about whatever it takes to make you feel, see, remember, celebrate how beautiful you are. Because you are. And I can show you.

Real Women is photography for women. Women who are already confident in their beauty. Women who want to become more confident in their beauty. Women of all ages, creeds, colors, weights, heights. Real Women photography sessions are designed for every woman – in a comfortable and secure environment. Real Women wear anything. Everything. Nothing. Whether it’s a favorite dress, best jeans and boots, lingerie, whatever…the point is ultimate comfort and ultimate creativity.

Some of the women I have worked with have been truly amazed by the results – not just the photographs but the companion feelings of freedom and maybe even elation that accompany these sessions. Some words: “I can’t believe that’s me!”; “Not bad for a mother of two!”; “this has been a liberating experience”; “this experience has really helped her confidence – it’s been a metamorphosis – I almost don’t recognize her!” – these are just some of the words from the mouths of women who have experienced these sessions.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit The Real Women Website (I’ve separated the images from this blog for privacy). The most important thing you need to know is that this – Real Women is way more than boudoir photography. This is about women – about YOU – about finding the beauty that exists in each of you and bringing it out with the camera, creative lighting and maybe a little bit of wine : ) And while certainly these images make great gifts for the significant other in your life – any time of the year – this really should be a gift for yourself…a gift of self esteem, a gift of freedom to be beautiful just as you are. There’s no better time than now.

And no worries – your photo won’t end up on my blog or facebook or website unless you want to be there. I never publicly display the Real Women images unless I have full disclosure from each woman, who selects the images that can be shown, if any. So yes, for every woman you see here, there are 2 you don’t. But your privacy and your experience is the point – my publicity isn’t. So if you’re considering being a Real Woman and you want to talk to me about it, get more information about it, talk to one of the ladies who have done sessions with me – definitely give me a call (studio # 610-662-1823). Or email

Do something beautiful for you, today.

Real Women Photography is trademarked and held by Photography by Jacquelynn Buck as of January 2010. Please do not use without permission. All images are copyright Photography by Jacquelynn Buck and also cannot be used without permission.

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