Saying I Love You {how to buy the best camera}

how long did it take you to say “I love you” to the one who matters? Is there a prescribed length of time or checkmarks that need to be checked before those three little words spring forward from your lips, your heart, and out into the ether? I often wonder…and sometimes hesitate to say I “love” something unless I’ve spent time really ruminating on why, pilot testing the how, comparing and contrasting and generally making an informed decision.  Well, ok, those of you who know me are probably shaking your heads right now…because let’s face it, I tend to run with my gut feeling more than researching the alternatives. I make decisions pretty quickly and jump right into the water. Leap before look (and the net does appear), speak before thinking (though I am getting way better at this as I charge into my mid thirties) and impulse buys (hot pink peep toe shiny shoes that I will only wear once? yes please!!). But despite the assumed frivolity of my decision making, there’s method to the madness because I do believe that sometimes we think too much, compare too often, and spend too much time weighing the alternatives and in the end nothing ever gets done. But, like everything, there is a time and a place for acting on instinct and a time and a place for doing your homework. Enter the point of this blogpost…

In the spirit of times when you should look before you leap, be cautious before you say “I love” or “I do”, and where you should, at length, do your homework, I bring you a gift! I just discovered this site and it. is. gold. allows you to compare cameras, in a very easy to understand way (taking technical information and putting it in terms that us non engineer creative types can relate to). I am loving this site. This is my gift to those who email and facebook me and call me and ask “what is the best camera to buy.”

So if you’re in the market for a new camera, new camera equipment (or apparently a car or smartphone, though I have not explored these offshoot sites) this is the place to go. So go…and then call me with questions ; )


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