{the proposal} Sarah & Chris engaged!

Every now and then a photographer gets the chance to capture a real honest-to-goodness surprise emotional beautiful romantic moment. I had that chance with Sarah and Chris during their recent engagement session. After Sarah booked, Chris called me and let me know that he had a “surprise” ring to give her at the end of the session and he wanted to make sure I knew ahead. My heart melted for her (this one is a keeper!) and I definitely couldn’t wait for the session. Chris was totally smooth about the whole thing and even faked putting his phone in the car so he could grab the bulky ring box towards the end. I had the spot all picked out – the light was golden, the colors to die for, the couple, well, you can see they were totally perfect. And when Chris got down on one knee and asked her to marry him (officially) and opened that ring box, well, it was the sweetest thing I’ve really ever experienced from afar. And her surprise, and tears, and laughter and kisses were genuine, and true, and oh-so-moving.

I posted a sneak peek of {the proposal} on facebook and I think there might have been a little confusion…questions as to why they were doing the photo session if he hadn’t yet proposed. Yeah. It can be confusing. Chalk it up to just one more thing that is a part of military life. Sarah and Chris were engaged, officially, and are going to be married this Christmas when they visit their families for the holidays. But because the military is what it is, we often get married, move in together, have children, move around the country etc. etc. etc. without ever really acknowledging officially that these things are happening. They just do. Time is always of the essence. Can’t plan a wedding – there’s a deployment coming up – so better get that justice of the peace certificate so you can have benefits and contact them when they’re gone. Or we’re moving across the country in 3 months – better get married in a hurry so the military will move your stuff too! The list goes on and on. So yes, she had the dress, the wedding planned, the whole deal arranged, but she never had the proposal or the ring. Because there probably wasn’t time for that. Until now. Well done, Chris…and may you have a wonderful amazing incredible journey together.


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