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when they say old is new again, they mean it. fashion, style, hair, photography…there’s often a recycled nature to the popular, trends reborn with a new something special making it current. And for me that’s wicked cool. Because let’s face it, with some exceptions. most every idea has already been done, and the only way to not become stagnant is to take it and reform it, remake it into your own..with your own style, your own personality, your own panache thrown in to kick it up a notch. or two. and what’s even better is when someone from today comes upon something from yesterday and embarks on an adventure born of curiosity and challenge to discover what can be had from this new discovery.  several days ago I happened upon such a discovery. I was idly browsing around a Thomasville GA shop and found this little gem of a camera (pictured below) half buried in the deep cushions of a well worn chair. And so my interest was piqued. Like a child with a new toy I marveled at the inner workings of a twin lens reflex camera, giddy with the thought of using film (actual film) to record time, entranced by the idea that this camera actually would require a renewed effort to operate, one that involved going back to the days of the 35mm camera that I learned with. And so 120 film in hand, I plan to experiment. To make the old new again, but with my own personal twist. Once I google the instruction manual that is ; )



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