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Just the other day, as I was driving in Boston en route to a portrait session, I realized that I travel. A lot. Like, a really lot. And I have had opportunities in the last 2 1/2 years that have been incredible. Mind blowing. Delicious. And in all of my love for travel, I sort of forget how often I go. And how many places I’ve gone. Because the list of places I want to go never seems to get any shorter : ) However, the reason I got to thinking along these lines wasn’t because I wanted a real “hooray for me and travel” moment, it was because I was sitting in traffic and my mind was wandering and I started wondering how many of the top 10 US cities I’ve sat in traffic in (turns out only 4). Yes, this is what occupies me when I am stuck on highways and byways.

When I got home, I decided to do a little fingertip research (aka google) on the 50 largest US cities so I could discern 1) how many have I driven in in the last 2 1/2 years and 2) how many I have traveled to for the sole purpose of photographing clients in the last 2 1/2 years.

So, according to Wikipedia, the largest US Cities (2011), by population, are below. In the last 2 1/2 years I have driven (personally at the wheel) in or through 16 of them. And I have traveled to 14 of them purely for photographic purposes. In two and a half years! How very, very cool is that?

Just as a point of trivia, he city where I was stuck in traffic  for the longest was Los Angeles (shocker).

1 New York City New York 2 Los Angeles California 3 Chicago Illinois 4 Houston Texas 5 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 6 Phoenix Arizona 7 San Antonio Texas 8 San Diego California 9 Dallas Texas 10 San Jose California 11 Jacksonville Florida 12 Indianapolis Indiana 13 Austin Texas 14 San Francisco California 15 Columbus Ohio 16 Fort Worth Texas 17 Charlotte North Carolina 18 Detroit Michigan 19 El Paso Texas 20 Memphis Tennessee 21 Boston Massachusetts 22 Seattle Washington 23 Denver Colorado 24 Baltimore Maryland 25 Washington District of Columbia 26 Nashville Tennessee 27 Louisville Kentucky 28 Milwaukee Wisconsin 29 Portland Oregon 30 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 31 Las Vegas Nevada 32 Albuquerque New Mexico 33 Tucson Arizona 34 Fresno California 35 Sacramento California 36 Long Beach California 37 Kansas City Missouri 38 Mesa Arizona 39 Virginia Beach Virginia 40 Atlanta Georgia 41 Colorado Springs Colorado 42 Raleigh North Carolina 43 Omaha Nebraska 44 Miami Florida 45 Tulsa Oklahoma 46 Oakland California 47 Cleveland Ohio 48 Minneapolis Minnesota 49 Wichita Kansas 50 Arlington Texas


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  • Nikki VeilleuxSo I’m going with: 1) LA 2) Arlington 3) Milwaukee 4) Fort Worth and 5) Long Beach

    also…. Traffic has to be Columbus. 🙂 ??????

  • MaryNew York City, Chicago, Indianapolis, Miami, Milwaukee. Am I even close?

  • JodieChicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Charleston?

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