Dijon, France: Travel with me Thursdays

En route from Beaune to Etoges, we had ourselves a picnic lunch of salami on baguette and a Villages Pinot Noir (of course!) and then spent a hot minute driving through more of the Burgundy region of France and set our sites, if briefly, on Dijon. Oh, Dijon. So much more than mustard, this medieval city seamlessly blended the old with the new. We merely breezed through en route to our next destination, but the three hours we spent were so worth it. The architecture was stunning – from the palatial square housing all the government buildings, to the Gothic churches with soaring ceilings. The churches we went inside were St. Michael’s Church http://www.saint-michel-dijon.com/, Église Saint-Philibert de Dijon, and Church of Notre Dame de Dijon http://notre-dame-dijon.blogspot.com/and all of them were incredible. The houses were half timbered and looked almost like the ones we saw in Germany, and most of those we saw were inside the original walls of the city. The rain held off the whole time and before you know it we were on our way to the next destination!

I loved the fact that we had a car so that we could spend some time driving aimlessly and stopping wherever we wanted.

This and so many day trips are much more accessible if you do your research ahead of time. I recommend heading over to Lonely Planet and research their guide books! I still love buying or downloading guide books because I feel like they have sooooo many options in just one place!

And then we were on our way again!


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