Luke {newborn}

Welcoming new life into the world is part of the joy I get to experience as a photographer. When I get the opportunity to work with newborns, it can sometimes be a challenge – so many factors make a difference in successful photos – but part of having 11 years of experience is knowing what to do, how to prepare the parents for the session, and understanding that going to the baby’s home can often be a better experience overall – for the parents and for the comfort of the baby. Knowing how to successfully photograph babies is only part of it, though, most of all it’s in understanding how to be patient. Sometimes the kiddos sleep through the whole session, sometimes they are restless, sometimes they don’t sleep at all, sometimes they scream and cry and won’t settle immediately, sometimes they cooperate fully. Luke was in the latter category – he was SUCH a good baby. He slept soundly, hardly made a peep, only pooped once! I know, he’s a big kiddo, but I promise you he’s less than a week old in these photos! Thank you Robyn and Michael for letting me capture this life-changing moment in your lives!


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